Ammonium Nitrate


Our ammonium nitrate, a military grade, and has been formulated to run optimally in exploding targets (binary targets). It may also be used in other applications (example: endothermic, etc). There is no better ammonium nitrate on the market.

We are a primary supplier to multiple manufacturing entities, as well as several exploding target companies. Ammonium nitrate comes in many grades, most often the agricultural grade is used by many vendors and target companies. While this may work, the quality is far below an actual explosive or technical grade, and as a result the results can vary greatly. So why a micro-prill? If you take a handful of marbles and close your hand around them, take a look at the gap in between each marble, that is lost contact area. By the same example, take a handful of smaller ball bearings (half the size) and look at the gap in between them. The gap is much more condensed, and thus the reaction is much more pronounced.

Quality matters. Consistency matters. Whether you need 50 pounds or 10,000 pounds, we have you covered. Always in stock, a secure ordering experience, and fast shipping.

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